Drink Pairings Perfect for The Season

Savor the Holidays with Chef Laura’s drink pairings perfect for the season. 

We’ve officially entered the Holiday season. Thanksgiving is coming up, and Christmas is around the corner, giving us so much to look forward to! The Dream Dinners menu is full of delicious meals perfect for the Holidays, but the meals wouldn’t be complete without Chef Laura’s drink pairings. Chef Laura has recommended the best drinks for the season and the food pairings that go best with each. Enlighten your tastebuds this holiday season with these delicious drinks complimented by the perfect meal. 


drink pairings tempranillo

Tempranillo is the perfect autumn wine! Like our favorite fall drinks, the Spanish wine, Tempranillo, has notes of warm spices like nutmeg and clove. These warm spices pair perfectly with our fall-themed meals, accentuating the earthy flavor in these dishes.  

Suggested Drink Pairings 

Sherry Cream Chicken 

drink pairing for tempranillo

Chicken breasts are served with a combination of sherry cooking wine, Alfredo sauce, mushrooms, and tarragon. 

Hearty Braised Beef with Autumn Vegetables 

hearty braised beef with autumn vegetables

Tender braised beef in a tangy brown gravy with roasted root vegetables and baby potatoes.

Sage Crusted Pork Chops 

sage crusted pork chops

Boneless pork chops coated in a Parmesan cheese breading mixture, flavored with hints of sage. 

Oktoberfest Beers

drink pairings oktoberfest beer

I would be remised if I did not pair some of our lovely meals with a seasonal Oktoberfest beer. Named a Marzen beer meaning “March” in German, these beers were traditionally brewed in the spring, sitting all summer and then opened with all its hoppiness in the fall. This longer fermentation created a beer with richer maltiness and a sharp, bitter hop in the end. The bitter richness of the beer goes perfectly with our meals mentioned above, as it can cut through the meatiness of each meal. 

Suggested Drink Pairings:

Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches on French Rolls 

drink pairings for oktoberfest beers pulled pork bbq sandwiches

Lean, tender pulled pork in a tangy barbeque sauce served over toasted french rolls. 

Herb Crusted Steaks 

herb crusted steaks 

Lean steak rubbed in a blend of original herbs and spices. Great as the main dish or as an appetizer for your holiday party.

Sparkling Wine- Prosecco or Champagne

drink pairings sparkling wine

Nothing rings in the celebration of a holiday like sparkling wine! Sparkling wine is one of my favorite drinks to enjoy while grazing on appetizers. The bubbles and small bites will help not make you feel as complete when sitting for the main course. 

Suggested Drink Pairings:

Crispy Salmon Cakes with Tangy Tartar Sauce 

drink pairings for prosecco salmon cakes

Tender salmon cakes filled with savory spices and vegetables. Pan-fried and paired with a tangy tartar sauce. 

Pork Tenderloin Wellington 

pork tenderloin wellington 

Tender pork is topped with creamy herbed cheese and wrapped in puff pastry. Serve these as the main dish or turn them into Pork Wellington Bites to create the perfect Hors d’oeuvre this season.

Golden Shrimp with Parmesan Risotto  

golden shrimp with parmesan risotto

Toasted garlic and herb Panko-breaded shrimp served over our creamy Parmesan risotto.  If you’re entertaining this season, be sure to add a few of these to your order.


drink pairings winter red 

Amarone or other winter red wines are the perfect pair for these rich and decadent meals. The meals paired above have many depths of flavors and need a matching wine like Amarone, known for its depth of flavor. Amarone is soft and acidic in the initial sip but then falls in layers of savory flavors like tobacco and berries.

Suggested Drink Pairings

Beef Bourguignon 

drink pairings for Amarone Beef Bourguignon

Tender steak braised in a red wine sauce surrounded by mushrooms, pearl onions, and bacon. 

Chicken Marsala with Mushrooms & Mashed Potatoes 

chicken marsala

Chicken breasts are cooked with a savory mushroom and Marsala sauce and served over mashed potatoes. 

Seared Steak with a Creamy Mushroom Thyme Sauce 

seared steaks with mushroom thyme sauce

Tender-seared ranch steaks finished with a velvety mushroom thyme sauce.

I hope you enjoy these drink pairings that complement the November and December menu, cheers!

– Chef Laura


Make sure to place your Dream Dinners order so you can take advantage of these delicious drink pairings this holiday season!