Easy Summer Flowers to Grow in Your Garden

Nothing says summer like a beautiful, blooming garden!

Planting in the spring is a breeze, but you have to be careful which flowers you decide to grow in the summer. Some flowers don’t hold up in the summer heat, which is why we created this list for you. Any of these flowers will bloom all summer long, giving you a beautiful summer garden. Pro tip: planting flowers and gardening them through the summer is an excellent activity for the entire family! Let the kids join in this summer and use your beautiful, blooming garden as a way to spend more quality time together.


Lavender is beautiful, smells great, and requires lots of sunlight to grow, making it the perfect plant for your garden this summer. This perennial will work in almost any garden, alongside other perennials, or even next to your herbs. You could even start a lavender garden and let them bloom on their own! It’s best to plant lavender at the beginning of summer, so now is a perfect time. When looking for what type of lavender to buy, make sure that it works well in your hardiness zone.


The reason these flowers are perfect for your garden this summer is right there in the name! Sunflowers are a beautiful choice to add to your garden. There are over 70 varieties of this flower, so you have plenty of options to choose from. These plants require a lot of sunlight and can withstand drought, making them easy summer flowers for your garden this year. Just be careful when gardening with the kiddos; these flowers are known to attract bees! They also attract birds and butterflies, so looking out for these can be a lot of fun for the entire family. When gardening sunflowers, keep in mind that they grow very tall! These cheery plants can grow anywhere from 3 to 16 feet, so make sure they have room to flourish and that you stake them if needed to keep them upright.


ZinniasThese bright, beautiful flowers bloom all summer long, making them perfect for adding to your garden this summer. They come in many different shades and shapes, so the family has a variety of options to choose from. If you decide to plant zinnias in your garden this summer, keep an eye out for the pretty butterflies they will attract. These flowers are known to attract butterflies, making them even more special as an addition to your garden this summer. Plant the flowers with the family, sit outside by the garden and enjoy all the butterflies these flowers attract. Bring out paper and markers and draw all the butterflies you see if you want to make gardening even more fun for the entire family!


DianthusThese flowers are fragrant and gorgeous and bloom from May to August, making them great to plant this summer. These flowers can also be referred to as “pinks” because of their vibrant, pink color. They emit a spicy fragrance, adding a touch of flavor to your flower garden this summer. These fragrant, pretty plants require at least 6 hours of sun, making them an excellent fit for your garden during summertime. These plants are straightforward to take care of, so the entire family (including the kids) can get in on the gardening action! All you have to do is water them when they are dry and apply new fertilizer every 6-8 weeks.


These beautiful yellow, red, and gold flowers are perfect for adding to your garden in the summer for various reasons. Not only are they gorgeous flowers, but they are also mosquito repellent! They grow quickly from seed, so if you and the family are looking for something that will sprout soon, these are your flower. They should be grown in full sun and often watered to ensure they stay healthy and blooming all summer long.


Another butterfly magnet that’s great for your summer garden, if properly cared for, vincas can last up until winter! The great news is that these plants are extremely low maintenance, so it won’t be hard to care for them properly. All these colorful flowers need to flourish in full sunlight and routine watering. These flowers will grow in any soil and fertilize them a couple of times per month. Vincas are a perfect easy summer flower to grow in your garden to add color and nature to it.


PentasLast but not least, Pentas is a plant your summer garden needs. This plant attracts hummingbirds to your garden so that the entire family can bird-watch all summer long. They add bright color to a summer garden and require full sun and monthly fertilizing.

Are you an experienced gardener, or is this your first time planting a garden? We’d love to hear your tips and tricks and which plants you love to grow! Comment on this post or send us a direct message on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.