Employee Recipe Contest Winner: Honey Mustard Glazed Chicken

Did you order our new Honey Mustard Glazed Chicken this month?

This delicious recipe came from Karen Grappone, a guest server at the Flemington, NJ Dream Dinners store, as part of our 2020 employee recipe contest! Karen’s Honey Mustard Glazed Chicken is featured on the April Menu, and it just so happens to be a kids-favorite!

Karen Grappone Recipe Contest Winner

Tender chicken breasts are cooked in a tangy sauce of mustard, honey, and shallots. YUM! Don’t forget to place your orders this month; you don’t want to miss out on trying Karen’s delicious new recipe that the entire family will love!

Want to get to know the brains behind this dish a little better? Check out this interview Karen had with Chef Laura!

Chef Laura: How long have you been a guest/employee of Dream Dinners?
Karen: I have been an employee at Dream Dinners since Aug 2019. I saw an ad for a position on Facebook and had recently left my long-term full-time job in IT and was looking for something part-time. I had never even heard of Dream Dinners prior to the interview and was surprised to learn they had been in their location for 12 years!

Chef Laura: What’s your favorite Dream Dinners meal and Sides & Sweets Freezer item?
Karen: So many to choose from! The chicken caesar sandwiches, any of the turkey burgers, and anything ethnic (I have yet to meet a meal I did not like!). From the Sides & Sweets Freezer, it’s the bread bowls and soups… and the sweet potato casserole at Thanksgiving.

Chef Laura: What inspired you to create your winning recipe?
Karen: I love to cook, and I wanted to try and find something perhaps that had not been done before, with my limited timespan at Dream Dinners! I selected this one because it’s easy, delicious and my kids always loved it.

Chef Laura: What do you love to cook, and what’s your favorite cooking appliance?
Karen: I am a seasonal cook living in a 4 season climate… Soups and hearty meals in the fall and winter, salads and grilling meals in the late spring/summer. I love finding new recipes to try. I am always asked to bring the dessert when invited out; I do love to bake! My favorite appliance is my Kitchenaid mixer.

Chef Laura: How did you learn to cook, and what’s your favorite family recipe?
Karen: I learned to cook from my mother and grandmother and from reading cooking magazines and taking local classes. My most memorable recipe is my grandmother’s candied sweet potatoes. Of course, there is no written recipe, and mine has never come out like hers!

Chef Laura: What hobbies do you have outside of the kitchen?
Karen: I like to read, crafting, playing mahjong, and have recently started playing pickleball. I am also in two ladies’ gourmet clubs (on hold due to COVID).

Chef Laura: Last but not least, what cookbook would you bring with you to a deserted island?
Karen: You mean, no internet? (I am a big fan of using Google to find recipes, and I especially love the New York Times recipe site!). If I had to pick one, I guess The Joy of Cooking.

Thank you so much to Karen and our other recipe contest winners for sharing their great ideas! Have you tried Karen’s Honey Mustard Glazed Chicken? We’d love to hear what you think of this delicious new meal! Share your thoughts with us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.