Fall Decor Ideas to Cozy Up Your Kitchen

‘Tis the Season for Fall decor ideas that bless us with a cute and cozy kitchen to enjoy all Autumn long.

The leaves are falling, the air is crisp, and suddenly we have an urge to whip up some festive Fall flavors in the kitchen. So, we decorate the kitchen in beautiful Fall decor that inspires and comforts us. Get ready to bask in the joy of pumpkin seeds, pies, and lattes in your new Autumn wonderland with these 12 Fall decor ideas to cozy up your kitchen.

1. Metallic Fall Leaves

fall decor ideas

Metallic fall leaves are a fun fall decor idea that will really add some life to your kitchen. There are a lot of ways to incorporate metallic fall leaves into your fall kitchen decor! For instance, grab some clear flowers vases and stuff metallic fall leaves to the top. Set the colorful vase in the middle of the dining table or on your kitchen’s island. As a result, you have a beautiful metallic centerpiece to brighten up your kitchen with the spirit of Fall. 

Another way to decorate the kitchen with metallic fall leaves is by turning them into fancy wall decor. First, place the colorful leaves inside picture frames. Then, hang them on the walls of your kitchen for a pop of color and a touch of art. To sum it up, once you see these colorful leaves working their decorative magic, they’ll be one of your favorite fall decor ideas for years to come.

2. Mini Pumpkins

Fall Decor Ideas

Mini pumpkins are a great fall decor idea to turn your kitchen into a cute & cozy autumn haven. The great thing about mini pumpkins is that they come in all types of colors, so you can decorate using any color scheme you’d like! Keep it within the fall color scheme with red, orange, and pale orange pumpkins if you are trying to be super festive this season.

Looking to get a little spooky with your fall decor? Decorate with mini black and white pumpkins to get in the spirit of Halloween. An example is placing your mini pumpkins strategically around the kitchen to bump up the fall decor. Additionally, you can decorate using mini pumpkins by filling glass bowls and setting them in the center of your dining room table or on your kitchen counter. As a result, you will have adorable pumpkin decor that brings the joy of the season into your kitchen.

3. Fall Treats

fall decor ideas

Food as a fall decor idea? Who would have thought! Your kitchen will not be complete this season without some baked fall goods. Put some pumpkin bread out next to a row of mini pumpkins. Bake Halloween cookies and fill up a clear cookie jar full of them. The best part about this fall decor idea is that it will have your kitchen smelling delicious. Your kitchen will genuinely feel like Autumn with the decor and the smell of Fall.

4. Wood Accessories

fall decor ideas

Swap out the plastic kitchen accessories and replace them with warm wood this Autumn. Using warm wood accessories is a great fall decor idea that will last beyond the end of the season. Working wood into the kitchen will bring that cute and cozy charm that comes with Fall. There are a lot of wooden kitchen utensils you can use to add a little decor. Bowls, utensils, cutlery, cutting boards, charcuterie boards, and more. Cooking will feel extra cozy with this fall decor idea.

5. Festive Napkins

fall napkins

Break out the Fall napkins because, with these fall decor ideas, you’ll be wanting to spend a lot of time in your beautifully decorated kitchen. Adding decorative napkins to your dining room set will bring the warm feeling of Fall to the family table. Go for a festive yet straightforward plaid set if you are looking for a hint of Fall. If you’re looking for something more upbeat, opt for a set that has more fall decorations within it. Either way, you can’t go wrong with napkins that add a touch of Autumn.

6. Gourds Galore

pumpkin ghords

Make sure to pick up some gourds while you’re at the pumpkin patch this year for this fall decor idea! Gourds are a great way to bring pumpkins into the kitchen without feeling like your kitchen has turned into a pumpkin patch. Gourds can be a great addition to a centerpiece display. Place them around your vase with Fall metallic leaves for a gorgeous dining room table. Another way to decorate using gourds is by placing woven baskets around the kitchen and filling them with gourds. Not only will decorating with gourds bring a hint of the pumpkin patch to the kitchen, but it will bring some of those fresh, natural Fall smells, too!

7. Fall Wreaths

Fall decor ideas wreath

Who said wreaths were just for Christmas? There are plenty of beautiful Autumn Wreaths that will take your fall decor to the next level. If your kitchen has a door, this is the perfect home for your wreath! If not, there are plenty of creative ways to work a fall wreath into your kitchen beyond hanging it on the door.  For example, find a blank spot on the wall and fill it with a colorful fall wreath. Hang one on your refrigerator to Fall-ify your fridge. A personal favorite is to place the fruit you usually keep out into a bowl in the center of your wreath to make an Autumn Fruit Basket. Want to make this decoration extra festive? Fill it with apples you picked from your trip to the orchard!

8. Fall Flowers

Decorative Fall Flowers

Flowers are the fall decor idea you didn’t know you needed. Decorating with leaves is a staple of the season. However, decorating with Fall Flowers is a great way to add beauty and life to your Fall kitchen decor. Place an Autumn floral arrangement to bring life into your kitchen or bring beauty to your dining room table. Looking for ideas on how to arrange the perfect fall centerpiece? Check out these 35 fall centerpieces and flower arrangements.

9. Coffee Station

Pumpkin Coffee

Nothing says cozy and comfy, quite like a cup of coffee in the cool brisk morning air. Spice up your morning coffee hour with a coffee station that celebrates the season of Fall. Add colorful leaves and mini pumpkins to your coffee station to make it festive. Grab a couple of Fall coffee mugs so you can feel the joy of the season while enjoying your morning caffeine. Don’t forget to stock up on pumpkin spiced coffee, pumpkin creamer, and cinnamon so your morning coffee will taste like Fall, too! Want something fun for the kids? Try a Hot CoaCoa Station instead!

10. Scented Candles

Fall Candle

Candles are always a great decor idea, but something about a scented candle with Fall’s aroma makes this decor idea even more unique. Using scented candles in the kitchen is a great fall decor idea if you are trying to not only see Autumn but smell it too. There are so many Fall scents you can find in a candle. For example, pumpkin spice, amber, chai, cinnamon apple, harvest spice, fall foliage, sandalwood, apple cider, pecan pie, brown sugar vanilla…. the list goes on. Pick your favorite and let the Autumn Aromatherapy begin.

11. Festive Dinnerware

Decorative Fall Plates

Using festive dinnerware is a great fall decor idea to bring hints of the season to your family’s supper. For example; Metallic gold dinner plates, Burnt orange small plates, brown bowls with decorative leaves, and more. You won’t be short of options when choosing your Fall dinnerware this year. With this in mind, be sure to pick a dinnerware set that matches the vibe of the rest of your Fall decor! Decorate your dinnerware so that you can enjoy your favorite Fall meals in a festive atmosphere to make the most of the season.

12. Fall Food

Dream Dinners Fall Harves Power Bowl

Speaking of your favorite fall meals… why not turn dinner into a decoration? Making delicious, picturesque Fall dinners is one of our personal favorite fall decor ideas that changes every night! Try our Harvest Power Bowl in one of your decorative Autumn bowls. Baked chicken breasts over quinoa with roasted vegetables topped with goat cheese and cranberry crumble with a maple dijon dressing make up this Fall comfort dish.  Looking for more delicious Fall dinners that decorate your dinner table each night? Our October Menu is full of them. Make sure you place an order so that you can celebrate Fall around the dinner table all season long.


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