Family Pizza and Game Night

family-scrabble-boardThis month, have a family pizza and game night to celebrate National Pizza Month. The Dream Dinners pizza kit comes with everything you need to easily assemble customized pizzas. Divide up the dough and let each person top their pizza however they please. Find some tips for baking your pizzas here.

As far as the games go, Susie Osborn, owner of the Clackamas, OR store, and her family love playing games together and they’ve ranked their top ten favorites for your family to try.

1) Settlers of Catan: This game was unanimously ranked as the whole family’s favorite game to play. They’ve been playing it for 13 years and it never gets old because it’s a different game every time and there are many modifications to mix it up.

2) Ticket to Ride: Europe: This is a great all-around game for a wide variety of ages. The Osborns play it with everyone from grandparents to the youngest cousins. It’s a quick and easy game to learn and can also be educational for young kids as they follow routes across a map of Europe, learning geography, counting, and strategy along the way.

3) Rock Band: This is the only electronic game the whole family will play together and can be a lot of fun, especially if you’ve got a dad willing to belt out off-key tunes.

4) Agricola: This game is similar to Settlers of Catan, but is more of a time investment and suited better for older players. However, the complex strategy keeps the game interesting as each player works hard to improve the life of their individual farm families.

5) Dominion: This is a fast-paced game that’s different every time it’s played. It’s a nice break from other strategic games that can cause a little tension in overly competitive families and it’s fun to play even if you don’t win.

6) Hearts: This classic card game is a favorite to play with a multi-generational group.

7 ) Escape: The Curse of the Temple: This is a super fun cooperative game that requires the whole family to work together to escape a cursed temple before it collapses. It’s easy to learn and to develop a strategy together to defeat the game.

8) Yahtzee: This classic game is one the Osborn family has been playing ever since the kids were little and has resulted in many fond memories of playing games together after dinner.

9) Shadows Over Camelot: Since Susie’s husband is a huge fan of anything involving Arthurian legend, this game had to make it onto the top ten list. It’s also a cooperative game, which makes it perfect for spending quality time as a family.

10) Munchkin: This card game is a little on the silly side, making it a big hit with the twin teenage boys in the Osborn family. They also love playing it with their uncle and cousin, so this game definitely appeals more towards the male side of the family. However, be aware that some of the language is better suited for older kids.

Honorable Mentions:

Clue, Uno, Jenga and Sequence are all games that the Osborn family enjoyed playing when the kids were younger. The three kids even loved spending quality time as siblings by playing these games on their own. If you have young children who aren’t quite ready for more strategic games, these are a must.

For more ideas on starting a family game night, read our post here.

What are your favorite games to play as a family?