Family Pizza & Game Night

Is dinnertime at your house falling into a boring routine?

Spice things up in September with our Family Pizza & Game Night meal! Your family will enjoy making homemade pizzas, plus you’ll get to play a family-friendly game of Left-Center-Right. This is a great opportunity to catch up with your kids as they head back to school and connect as a family during a busy time of year.  Place your September order online, and don’t forget to add this delicious meal!

Family Pizza & Game Night

How to Play Left-Center-Right

Game Components:

  • 3+ players
  • 3 dice (provided)
  • 9+ playing chips (poker chips, coins, buttons, etc.)


  • Each player should get 3 playing chips
  • Sit in a circle around a table
  • Leave space in the middle for the “pot”

Game Play:

  • The dice numbers in this game have the following values: 1, 2, and 3 are dots, 4 is Left, 5 is Center, 6 is Right.
  • Decide who will go first (this can be based on age, whoever rolls the highest number, etc.) and have the first player roll the 3 game dice. In LCR, players only roll as many dice as they have chips in their possession. Because this is the first turn, every player will have 3 chips. Therefore, every player will roll all 3 dice during the first round. After the first player’s turn, players will take turns clockwise for the rest of the game.
  • Have the first player give or keep their chips based on what they rolled. After the first player rolls the 3 game dice, look at the dice to see what side faces up. There are four possibilities: 4 for Left, 5 for Center, 6 for Right, or 1,2, or 3 for a dot. Each of these possibilities determines a specific action, which are as follows:
    • For an L, give 1 chip to the player to the left.
    • For a C, give 1 chip to the center pot.
    • For an R, give 1 chip to the player to the right.
    • For every dot rolled, keep that same number of chips.
    • For example, if the first player rolls 2 dots and 1 L, they will give 1 chip to the player to their left and keep 2 chips in their possession.
  • After the first player gives away or keeps their chips to complete their turn, continue with the game by moving clockwise and letting each player roll the dice and complete their turn. The first round is complete once every player has completed their turn.
  • After the first round is complete, each player only rolls the amount of dice that they have chips in their possession from that point on in the game. The number of chips in their possession will depend on what they rolled in the previous round and what the players to their left and right rolled. If a player doesn’t have any chips, they do not roll the dice that round.
  • Stay in the game if you lose all your chips. Even though you can’t roll the dice if you don’t have any chips, you aren’t out of the game until someone wins. Therefore, you can stay in the game, as there is a good chance that a player to your left or right will roll a 4 (left) or 6 (right) and then have to give you one of their chips.
  • Continue with the game until one player acquires all the chips. Once all the players except for one have lost all their chips to other players or to the center pot, the player who still has chips left wins the game.


Snap a picture of your family enjoying their pizza and game night, then post it to Facebook or Instagram and tag @Dream Dinners to enter our contest. In mid-October, we’ll pick a random winner to enjoy a $50 Dream Dinners gift card and the game Ticket to Ride!