Family Stories Month

As soon as November rolls around, we begin to think about and look forward to Thanksgiving – the relatives we’ll see, the food we’ll eat, the football games and parades we’ll watch and the family traditions we’ll treasure. But what about the stories we’ll tell? No family gathering is complete without an embarrassing, laugh-out-loud funny or even heart-wrenching story. Every family has stories that define who they are, teach lessons and instill values. Sharing these stories with your kids may be the most important thing you can do for your family.

In honor of Family Stories Month, here are some ways you can start sharing your family’s history:

  • The next time your family is sitting around the dinner table together, tell some stories about where you grew up or how you met your spouse.
  • Spend some time looking through old photo albums with your kids or even start a new scrapbook.
  • If you plan on spending Thanksgiving with grandparents or other relatives, ask them to share their own stories.
  • Talk to your kids about what their favorite family traditions are and tell them why those things are important to you, too.
  • Start a personal blog where you can record both old and new stories. If you need help coming up with things to write about, creating a journal jar is a great way to get inspired.
  • Trace your family tree. This could be a great craft project to do with younger kids as well!

This article from the New York Times discusses the importance of developing a strong family narrative. How do you share your family stories?