February #DinnerEffect

It’s time to announce another #DinnerEffect winner and the latest recipient of a $75 gift card.

This February we have been working to share the love and invite new guests to experience Dream Dinners. These four families are just a few of the many submission we received for our February #DinnerEffect contest and are wonderful examples of how Dream Dinners can change a life. Thank you for taking the time to share your Dream Dinners experiences.

Linda S.— San Jose, CA (February Contest Winner)
I have always enjoyed a full life filled with purpose and challenge! My husband of 47 years and I began foster grand parenting 18 years ago and as a result adopted the fifth baby we welcomed into our home. He is now a delightful boy aged 17, with special needs and eating habits. Additionally, my mother aged 95 lives with us and I along with a live in caregiver provide 24/7 care for my mom. In May of 2015 three of our grandchildren needed a home in which to live full time. They are our 17 year old granddaughter and 15 year old twins grandsons. That brought our household total to eight. I have been called Wonder Woman from time to time, but not when it comes to day to day cooking. I found myself faced with a nightmare job of planning and cooking for eight people, all of whom had their own likes and dislikes. That is when my darling daughter introduced me to Dream Dinners. I was blessed beyond measure with high quality food choices, delicious spices I’d never thought of trying, and a variety of menu items to fit almost every palate! The dinners are so easy to prepare for my huge family we even find ourselves sitting at the table eating and sharing together. My husband, who does all our shopping, was amazed to see that we are actually saving money as a result of the delectable dinners I am able to serve. He does far less running for fast food these days. Now the added bonus is…I’ve lost a few pounds as a result of eating more well balanced meals. How could I ask for more? Thank you Dream Dinners!

Tammy B.— Plainville, MA
I started at Dream Dinners in late 2010. I started shortly after my Mom passed away and while my husband was deployed to Afghanistan. Most of my meals were usually prepared by Mom who myself, husband, and son lived with up until she passed away. My husband was activated and on pre-deployment training in February 2010 and my Mom passed away in March 2010 which left me with my 4 year old son for one year. I wasn’t much of a cook prior to joining and was looking for something to do to get a healty variety for my young son. I was looking for making my meals quick and easy. My good friend had joined and talked me into going to see how it was and what it was all about. I loved it, and have been coming once a month ever since. Everyone thinks it is a lot to pay but everything is all in one package and you just thaw and follow the cooking instructions, which is the best part. So, once a week I pull from the freezer the meals for the week and the family loves the meals.

Diana W.—Colorado Springs, CO
My husband, Michael, and I have Dream Dinners to thank for helping us to each lose over 125 pounds within the last year and a half. A friend introduced me to Dream Dinners in 2014 at a time in our lives where we spent the majority of our meals at a restaurant. It was rough on both our wallets AND our physique! After attending a few Dream Dinners sessions and realizing they provide all of the nutritional information with the meals, we adopted a lifestyle change. We actually enjoy and look forward to preparing our meals at home, now, and we know exactly what ingredients and the volume of food we’re feeding our bodies. Dream Dinners has helped to make us more aware of how we eat, it has helped us to lose a significant amount of weight, and we have saved money by not eating out! We’re not quite done with our weight loss journey, but we know we’ll continue to have fabulous meals and Dream Dinners will be a part of it!

Brandee R. — San Diego, CA
“It looks like breast cancer to me… ” Those were the words that changed my life! spoken by the radiologist even before the biopsies he had just taken were analyzed. I was 37 years old, I had a two year old, a six year old, and a full time job.

Many of my friends and relatives wanted to help, in fact this trying time revealed to me how much support I had in my life. One of my best friends gave me a gift certificate to my local Dream Dinners. Even with “chemo brain” I was able to follow the directions both at the site and at home. The owners made me feel like I had an advocate and a caring friend at a time when their kindness and understanding meant so much to me. Over the months I made my meals, or if I wasn’t well enough my mom or my friends would assemble or cook for me and my family. Now I am well again after chemotherapy, double mastectomy, and radiation a total of over six months of treatment and I am back at work and doing well.

Today I made a trip myself to the session, and it is so nice to be welcomed by my friends and treated to good food and cameraderie. I can’t say enough about my experience, and if you have friends or family who are struggling with illness, I recommend Dream Dinner gift certificates and the make ahead options available. What a special experience if you are far away and can’t bring meals over.

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