Festive Drink Recipes for Adults and Kids

Tempted to forgo serving festive drinks in the hurry-scurry of holiday entertaining? Don’t be! A gathering is all the more memorable when it includes special refreshments. Whether chilled, sparkly, toasty-warm or invigorating, festive drinks put the panache in the party for young and old alike.

We’ve rounded up six recipes – three for adults and three just for the kids. All are remarkably easy and exceptionally tasty. Enjoy!

To charm sophisticated palates:

Emeril Lagasse Holiday Mulled Wine
Dried fruits and spices with combine with a hit of Grand Marnier make a heartwarming wine.

Better Homes & Gardens Holiday Raspberry
A sparkly, fruity drink pairs champagne with raspberries.

Better Homes and Gardens Winter’s Day Espresso
Dark, rich coffee is infused with with Irish cream and eggnog.

To delight little taste buds:

Family Fun Caramel Apple Cider
Warm and fruity, this drink is swirled with rich cream and a hint of caramel.

Family Fun White Hot Chocolate
A festive garnish of crushed peppermint candies charms little ones.

Family Fun Eggs-travagant Nog
Rich, handcrafted eggnog is cooked for safety and then quickly chilled with premium vanilla ice cream.


  1. charlotte parrish says:

    Is there a dream dinners cook book? If there is where can I buy one?

    1. Yes Dream Dinners has a cookbook, you can purchase through Amazon. If you decide to buy please visit the “Additional Services” section on our site and download the cookbook PDF. It has some important recipe updates that go along with the book.


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