FREE Gift with Family Pizza Night is something to talk about…

Family Pizza NightDon’t you hate those one-word answers from teens when you’re really trying, and perhaps fumbling to start a conversation? If you ask them, “Did you have a nice day?” and you feel lucky to get one word, “Yes.” or “No.” Well, you’re not alone. It sounds like you have a perfectly normal teenager. But connecting is important and sometimes a little different approach to a conversation starter can open the gates of dinnertime conversation. So here’s a way to lighten up and have fun at the table.

Order the Family Pizza Night Pizza on the April menu and you get a package of six conversation napkins with little questions to prod the creative minds of both parents and kids to learn a little more about each other. You’ll ponder answers to mysterious questions such as, “What would I do if I were invisible for a day?”

Not only is the gift a great bonus, but the idea of getting together in the kitchen with both kids and parents designing their personal pizzas together is also a great experience. It’s something so simple, yet, will be one of those family memories they cherish for a long, long time.

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