Fun at Work Day is January 28th

Whether your work environment is serious or light hearted, take advantage of ‘Fun at Work Day’ and add a little joy to your co-worker’s lives. Here are some ideas to get your imagination spinning with fun and your work breaks teaming with laughter.

  • Surprise co-workers with a little gift on their desk when they arrive.
  • Bring a camera and take snapshots being silly, post them on your bulletin board.
  • Play a Minute-to-Win-It game
  • Share your uncommon talent (wiggling ears, whistling, double joints)
  • Prank someone
  • Start a meeting with a fun icebreaker question (Silliest pet’s name, funniest date…)
  • Sticky note each other’s workspaces with compliments
  • Plan to do a team-building event outside the office.
    • Volunteer for a local organization like Habitat for Humanity or your local food bank
    • Spend a day doing something fun like bowling, ice skating or making meals at your local Dream Dinners.

Keep brainstorming and get creative! See, it’s good to laugh a little at work.

Have fun!