Great ways to decorate for fall holidays!

This season, families and loved ones naturally gather around the table. Why not create a beautiful autumn ambiance to enhance their experience? Your few moments of effort will invite loved ones to linger a little longer, affirming the warmth and connection you share.

This article from iVillage is loaded with simple ideas on beautifying your home. From 60-second centerpieces to inexpensive table makeovers, wreaths to a fragrant rosemary topiary you can make in four easy steps, it’s one of the most informative articles we’ve found.

Put a few ideas to use, and may the warmth, convivial spirit and goodness of this family-affirming season begin!

28 Ways to Decorate for Fall and Thanksgiving
Let the backdrop of autumn foliage, the golden hue of candles, the beauty of fall-inspired centerpieces and the comfort of family and close friends inspire you.

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