Grilling the perfect burgers & steaks

We get a number of cooking questions on how to make grilling more successful, so we wanted to provide a few quick tips:

For the perfect burger:

  • Did you know? It’s best to form your patty with an indent in the middle, causing the middle to be thinner. That way, when you cook it, it stays the same thickness.
  • Also, after you’ve formed your burgers, place them back in the fridge for a few minutes to cool the beef. This helps your burgers stay together so they don’t break apart on the grill!

For the perfect steak:

  • Let them stand for 20-30 minutes to bring it to room temperature before you cook (this allows the middle to cook without burning the outside).
  • Also, never cut into the middle to check to see if it’s done, this will let out all those delicious juices.  Instead, press your spatula on top. If it’s firm, it is more well-done, if it softer, it is likely more rare.
  • Finally, when you pull your steak off the grill, let it stand for 10 minutes before serving. Steaks will continue cooking after you remove them from the grill.