Camping Tip: Bring Dream Dinners

Bringing Dream Dinners meals on your camping trip can be a delicious way to eat while enjoying the great outdoors. But don’t just take it from us – check out the advice of experienced camper Steve Bradt.

From the The Telegraph:

As for camper Steve Bradt, of Nashua, he too likes to keep the dishes to a minimum and does so with the help of homemade dinners he puts together through companies such as Dream Dinners, one of which is located in Bedford. Bradt said he goes to one of the Dream Dinners centers and assembles pre-cut ingredients into bags. This usually includes different meats, sauces and veggies. After that, he just brings them home and freezes them, which provides a twofer for this camper: The frozen food keeps the rest of his cooler cold without having to take up space with ice or ice packs. Don’t get him wrong: Bradt is a seasoned camper who likes to rough it.

But with the right preparation, roughing it can include gourmet meals like Buffalo Ranch Chicken, Grilled Chicken Mediterranean with Polenta, Grilled Chicken with Sesame Honey Butter or Hawaiian Chicken with Jasmine Rice, he said.

He admits his camping cuisine was not always so fancy, and daytime hiking usually entails the requisite peanut butter and jelly sandwich and granola bars. In fact, one of the recipes he still uses from his pre-Dream days is one for corn pancakes. With this culinary delight, he uses Jiffy corn muffin mix, then adds water and an egg, to make flapjacks on his portable griddle.

“It’s really easy to make, and it’s a really hearty meal to start the day,” he said.

When you pack Dream Dinners you won’t have to eat like Bear Grylls from Man vs Wild. You can have hearty meals that will give you the energy to do some fun activities in the wilderness.