Host a Taste of America Party!

Dream Dinners July menu is themed “Taste of America”! You can throw your own Taste of America dinner party using your choice of a menu item for that states theme dinner or… make 3 dinners for the “Tour”.

Once the family is around the table, some dinner conversation starters can be facts about the states recipe you chose to make that night!

For example:

  • Buffalo Ranch Chicken – Buffalo New York is right outside Niagara falls and is noted for creating Buffalo Wings, in fact they host the Buffalo Wing Festival every Labor Day!
  • Savannah Grill Chicken – In the city of Savannah, Georgia, the streets are laid out in 22 squares, each square has its own name and history.
  • Maui Teriyaki Burger – Maui is one of 8 main islands that make up the state of Hawaii. There are 100’s of volcanoes in Hawaii and 2 on Maui!

We also have a set of great State Trivia questions you can ask based on the states represented on menu. Click here to check it out 

Take your Tour of America party outside, a great game you could play after dinner could be:

Kick the Can or Tour the USA….. in the daylight or by flashlight in the dark!

Set an empty can (the bigger, the better) on a flat spot (the “base or Washington DC”). You’re “it,” so cover your eyes and count to 30 while the kids run and hide. Then search for them. When you find one, the two of you immediately race back to base to see who can kick the can first and yell out the name of a State. If you win, the child you raced becomes “it,” and everyone hides again. If you lose, you remain “it” until you can win. Everyone who kicks the can must yell out a different state, if they duplicate a state that has already been called they become “it”!

The Dream Dinners July 2012 menu has over 15 flavors from across America to choose from. Visit and plan your Tour of America today!