January #DinnerEffect

We have been rewarding one guest each month since October who has shared their Dream Dinners story with us through our #DinnerEffect contest with a $75 gift card. After three months and three winners, we are still wowed by each of your stories and are excited to announce our first winner of 2016.

These four families are just a few of the many submission we received for our January #DinnerEffect contest — thank you for taking the time to share your Dream Dinners experiences.

Tracy J.— La Mesa, CA (January Contest Winner)
DCIM100GOPROGOPR1280.Dream Dinners is a blessing in our lives. I work an average of 50+ hours a week, go to college, and try to fit in an hour of working out in between all of that. In order to complete all this, something had to be sacrificed and it was dinner. I would either cook all day on Sunday to make dinners for the week, but then we would just eat when and what we wanted. There as no table time for the family. Or we would eat fast unhealthy meals.

Since I stated Dream Dinners, we now eat every night as a family. We sit together and eat a healthy meal while catching up with each others day. Dream Dinners not only saved me time, but brought my family close to each other again. Thank you

Claire T. — West Chester, PA
I am single and I live alone and I work 2 jobs. For years, I fell into the trap or grabbing fast food or something quick and easy on the way home from work because I was too tired to find healthy recipes didn’t have the money to buy all of the ingredients for a meal that was meant for 4 people. I have been a DD customer for a few years, but stopped buying for a few months. I put on weight. I decided to change my lifestyle in December 2015 and was nervous that Dream Dinners wouldn’t fit into my new way of eating, but they do!! I can now look at the menu ahead of time, calculate the nutrition info (because DD is awesome and they put everything on their website!), and pick the meals that will fit into my plan for that month! I cook a meal, portion it out into containers, and I have ready-to-go lunches and dinners DONE! I have also been really sick this week, unable to get to the store, but I have my Dream Dinners stocked in the freezer, so I am still eating well-balanced meals! Thank you Dream Dinners, for helping me to realize my goals!

Carol W. — Bellaire, TX
The first time I went to Dream Dinners was in May, 2015. A friend from work got a group together and I thought I would try it. My husband is the cook in our house because he is retired. Not because he is good at it or wants to do it. His meals were not very tasty, not healthy and very redundant. I loved it. I had fun with my girlfriends, but left there having accomplished something. The next step was my husband cooking those meals. Because they are so easy to prepare, he was able to get dinner on the table quickly and it was actually good. He loved the meals. Rarely did we come across one that he didn’t like. We found that the meals were much healthier. We now had portion control, variety, no longer over eating and not buying wasted food at the grocery. I have now gone back almost every single month since then. The thing I wanted to share was how Dream Dinners saved Christmas.

In November I had ordered the Holiday Sides and put them in the freezer to save for Christmas. My son was coming home from the Army and I thought that it would help save me some time and I knew we would want to have the big sit down feast. On December 22, my husband went to the emergency room and was admitted to the hospital, and was not released until December 26. This was clearly changing things. Because my son had not been home in a year I did not want his Christmas to be spent at a hospital or eating fast food. Fortunately I had Dream Dinner Holiday sides in the freezer. A customer had given me a smoked turkey for Christmas, so I had everything I needed. I thawed the sides, and all I had to do was heat everything up on Christmas day. We were able to have our Christmas dinner, I wasn’t stressed out with prepping and cooking and we even had leftovers when my husband came home the next day.

Nancy H. — La Mesa, CA
I was given my first dream dinners experience for xmas 2014 from my daughter, she was concerned that my home eating habits weren’t healthy. As a couple my husband and I went to the first session to prepare our introductory order. It was an amazing time for my husband and I to spend together, usually on a normal weeknight we cook separate depending on who is home first. When we left Dream Dinners we had to laugh that we had these little bags for meals.

We didn’t get home and about 30 mins later my husband decided he was going to make on of the stuffed French bread sandwiches for lunch. After he ate his sandwich he called our daughter to say that it was amazing tasting. Days later we went back and placed our next months order, this continued for months.

In the end I lost a few pounds and found that I wanted to come home and cook with my husband, food that we had prepared together.

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