July and August Drink Pairings

Whether you are just dining with those in your household or are starting to host small gatherings, meals are more fun with drink pairings!

I’ve matched some of my favorite meals from the July and August menus with wines, beers, and margaritas to take your entertaining up a notch this summer. For a kid-friendly version of these pairings, check out these non-alcoholic wines and sparkling juices. I hope you enjoy these meals and the long summer days with family and friends!

Chef Laura


July Menu Pairings

blackened_cod_fish_tacosBlackened Cod Fish Tacos with Lime Crema Slaw

Albariño – These spiced cod fillets topped with a refreshing slaw and lime crema call for a chilled glass of Albariño! Albariño is a Spanish white wine with notes of citrus that is perfect with flavorful fish, so don’t be shy, go grab a bottle.


pacific_rim_glazed_steakPacific Rim Glazed Steak with Wonton Crisps

Syrah – A glass of Syrah is the perfect pair for our Asian inspired steaks. The slight dryness in the Syrah counteracts the mild sweetness of the glaze.


french_onion_turkey_burgersFrench Onion Turkey Burgers on Pretzel Buns

IPA – It is certainly hard to beat a burger and beer, and our French Onion Turkey Burger with an IPA is no exception. The lean turkey topped with crisp and salty French-fried onions calls for a light but hoppy IPA.


mini_chicken_pot_piesMini Chicken Pot Pies

Chardonnay – Just like the buttery layers of puff pastry, a Chardonnay suits these mini pot pies, complimenting the rich, creamy filling and crispy puff pastry.


August Menu Pairings

carne_asada_steak_tacosCarne Asada Steak Tacos

Margarita – When I think tacos, the thought of a margarita is never far behind. The limey and slightly sweet bite of a margarita will be a home run with these tacos that pack a bit of heat with pickled jalapenos.


limoncello_shrimp_with_coconut_riceLimoncello Shrimp with Coconut Rice

Vinho Verde – If you haven’t discovered the refreshing, slightly effervescent, Vinho Verde, you must try it now! This is a perfect summer wine and the ideal pair for our Limoncello Shrimp. The sweet citrus in the shrimp is a great match to this bubby white wine.


crispy_salmon_cakes_with_tangy_tartar_sauceCrispy Salmon Cakes with Tangy Tartar Sauce

Pinot Noir – This is a beautiful wine that can pair with almost any protein, and our Salmon Cakes are a great example. The heartiness of our salmon cakes filled with veggies and herbs, stand up to the crispness of a lovely Pinot Noir.


bacon_jam_burgersBacon Jam Burgers

Red Ale – Our new Bacon Jam Burgers and a Red Ale are a true match made in heaven. The salty-sweet flavors of the jam need the hoppy spice of a Red Ale.