Low Carb Recipe Remixes

Happy new year from all of us at Dream Dinners!

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written.” – Melody Beattie

The holidays are such a magical time of celebration, and we hope yours were truly wonderful.  As we recover from a season of indulgence, it’s normal to look for healthy meal choices, and we have great news – our dinners are easy to customize at meal prep sessions!  Check out these simple, low-carb twists to some of our January menu items:

Sweet Thai Turkey Burger with Lettuce Bun
Ditch the buns and use lettuce instead!  Butter lettuce or iceberg lettuce works best for this meal makeover.

Creamy Chicken Risotto with Cauliflower Rice
Low-carb without sacrificing any flavor, riced cauliflower takes on all the depths of flavor and creaminess of a risotto. Skip step 1 in the cooking instructions and heat a large pan over medium-high heat, add the chicken mixture, and cook for 5 minutes.  Next, add cauliflower rice and allow to brown, about 3 minutes.  Continue to follow the cooking instructions as listed.

Greek Island Shrimp with Zucchini Noodles
Try swapping out the pasta for silky zucchini noodles, the freshness of the zucchini will add brightness to this already knock-out dish. To prepare, skip step 1 in the cooking instructions.  Instead, heat a separate pan over medium-high heat and add 1 tbsp olive oil.  Add zucchini noodles and cook until tender and slightly browned.  Follow the rest of the cooking instructions as listed.  Once the shrimp and sauce are fully cooked, toss with cooked zucchini noodles and finish with cheese and olives.

Chicken Soft Tacos in Lettuce Cups
Crisp leaves of romaine or iceberg lettuce make for perfect boats to carry this chicken taco filling.  Just swap lettuce for tortillas when assembling tacos and enjoy!

Do you tend to munch throughout the day or at night when you watch TV? 
Set yourself and your kiddos up for success by making healthy snacks every few days.  Try prepping and portioning these choices in reusable zip-top bags or small containers:

  • Bell peppers, baby carrots, and hummus or light ranch dressing
  • Fruit and cottage cheese or yogurt
  • “Ants on a log” (celery, peanut butter, and raisins)
  • Pretzels, shelled nuts, and plain popcorn
  • String cheese and apple slices
  • Hard-boiled eggs

There is simply no reason you need to sacrifice flavor for health when with Dream Dinners, you can have both!