Make the Most of Mealtime with an Attractive Dining Area

Eating together as a family is your priority. But does the look and feel of your dining space reflect that commitment? Does it enhance the connections you’re trying to nurture?

Here at Dream Dinners, we, like you, believe that sharing meals goes far beyond what’s on the dinner plate. Instead, gathering around the table allows you to build the bonds that are the very foundation of family life. Creating an attractive space allows you to make the most of precious moments together.

Consider using a round table. Most dining room tables are either square or rectangular, yet it’s amazing how a simple circle can encourage family members to interact with one another. Eye contact is easy for all, which means communication flows better as well.

As a bonus, if your family enjoys playing board games or cards after the meal, this shape allows everyone to easily join in.

Take time for table linens. One of the easiest ways to spruce up mealtime is with a simple tablecloth, placemats or table runner. These are available in countless colors and prints; you can even make your own – without sewing a single stitch!

Eat by candlelight. Why save the cozy glow of candles for holidays? The humblest meal feels special when touched by soft light.

Try tall, classic tapers or gently bobbing candles floating in water. You can also purchase clear glass votives and fill them with a variety of colorful candles. This option is so affordable and gives you maximum flexibility. For older kids, you can even place one votive at each place setting.

Check your color. Finally, look at the walls surrounding your table. Are they a welcoming hue or do they feel sterile, even cold?

Studies show that color has an enormous impact on our emotions and even behavior. Use it wisely to create the mood you want. Neutrals and lighter shades of blue and green are cool shades that have a calming effect. Yellow, terra cotta and even red bring a vibrant feel into your home to express comfort, warmth and energy.