Try these ‘Winter Game’ Contests and Join the Fun!

snow-day-tubingBeat the cold winter blues and throw a party for kids or adults. No Slope Style course or Half Pipe? No problem, use what you have and join the competitive spirit.

Start by grouping couples or families into teams each representing a different country and let the competition begin!  (You can have them draw the country from several you pre-select). Designate a judge to vote for game winners and to keep the games moving. Make a music play list to add to the competitive mood. Have fun!

Your first game: ‘Our Country’ Internet Challenge

Use their smart phones or computer and find: 1.How to say, “We’re number one!” in their Country’s language. 2. Sketch and color their Country’s flag. 3. Find names of athletes from their Country (one for each team mate). Limit the time to about ~10 minutes. Each team takes turns presenting itself, stating their Athletic ‘name,’ holding their flag, and saying, “We’re number one!” Let the judge decide who wins (i.e. first team ready or most funny).

More Game Ideas: Compete in Sports you Already Love

Pull out your family’s favorite games and turn them into a competition. Set up a rotation all over your house with two teams in each area. Give them score cards to track wins and losses. The team with the most wins after completing all the rotations wins.

Try: hockey in the garage, a slam dunk contest, ping-pong,  X-game skateboarding course, Wii games, Minute to Win it challenges, a puzzle assembling race, etc.

Conclude with an Awards Ceremony and recognize teams with medals and prizes.  Have fun!