March #DinnerEffect

A big thank you to all those who took the time to share their stories with us over the past six months. Reading your stories wowed us, made us laugh and cry but most importantly we felt joy for each and everyone of our guests who have found a solution to their dinnertime dilemma.

Tomorrow voting will begin for the national grand prize, $250 Dream Dinners gift card. We’d like to introduce you to our final #DinnerEffect winner, her family and some other great stories of Dream Dinners success.

Laura F.— San Diego, CA (March Contest Winner)

I’ve always grown up knowing the importance of eating dinner together as a family…but as a working mom of 3 active, teenage boys, eating dinner together became a fantasy unicorns are made of. I simply didn’t have time to prep food, cook it, clean up, get child 1 to practice, get child 2 to music, and get child 3 to practice (on the opposite side of town of course). We ended up eating fast food on our way to where ever we needed to be. My pocketbook drained, my kids and I gained, and my idea of sit down “how was your day” dinner conversations faded. That is until Dream Dinners…

I’ve been doing Dream Dinners for quite some time now and dinner time for my family has changed, significantly. We eat at home, around the dinner table during the week. I am able to put a home cooked, portioned meal on the table within 30 minutes and trips to the grocery store for forgotten ingredients no longer exist. The meals are easy enough for my boys to help prepare and cook them. Plus the variety of food makes dinner interesting!

The cloud of “what’s for dinner” no longer hangs over my head. The food is great, my boys love it, if there are leftovers that means I have lunch for the next day…Simplicity where dinner is concerned reigns in our household. Thank you Dream Dinners!

Jessica C.—Fort Mill, SC
As cliché as it may sound, Dream Dinners really has changed our lives! Dinner time with a self-employed husband with crazy hours, a completely wild toddler and a nine month old learning to pull up was anything but enjoyable. That absolutely breaks my heart to say. As a child, we had dinner at the table as a family every single night and made great memories.

Life gets hectic and it’s too easy to have my husband pick something up on his way home. We were too often eating in the car or on the couch in front of the television. Then there were the nights I did cook at home. It never fails that dinner time is the time both kids simply lose their little minds! They need me every 3.7 seconds for something completely crazy and call my name a minimum of 1,739,852 times. One thing was burning in the oven while another boiled over on the stove top just as I would remember the vegetables for the side dish are still in the freezer. I’d manage to pull together a haphazard meal of sorts and force everyone to the table to “enjoy” what I slaved over. Then after that amazing experience, I look at the natural disaster that came through my kitchen. I briefly consider throwing everything away then decide against it and start scrubbing the mountain of dishes. I neatly pack away the leftovers so I can throw them away in 5 days after no one touches them. See, told you, it was anything but enjoyable.

Now, I go to dream dinners once a month with a friend, sip on lemonade and talk while we assemble our meals. Every night after dinner, I take a new meal out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator to thaw for the following night. I can laugh and play with my kids while I cook and clean up is a breeze. My favorite part is we are all sitting around our table together every single night. No television. No phones. No fighting. Just family and making memories.

Stacey P. — Ahwatukee, AZ
We love our family time and dinner time together is a must. We have been using Dream Dinners for over a year and a half. Recently when my husband had to go out of town for work he began taking Dream Dinners with him. Now he can still have home cooked meals and eat what he loves while having the convenience of easy cooking. Sometimes we call and all eat dinner together even when he is far away. He’s been so happy that he can keep eating great healthy meals with plenty of variety while he is working out of state. My son and I go to Dream Dinners together to make the meals and we love that part as well. Dream Dinners is a blessing to me because I am not too inventive in the kitchen- they do it for me.

Nancy T. — Overland Park, KS
I have been a loyal dream dinners customer since 2008. My husband and I work full time so coming home to a dream dinner meal thawed and ready to cook is awesome! The ease of putting together the meals along with the variety continues to be appealing and so very helpful. I started out putting together the meals for our family. Then it occurred to me that my husband enjoys the dinning experience as much as I do so now he helps monthly. My mother is bedridden and has been in a nursing home for 6+ years so I bring dream dinner meals which we’ve prepared to my dad. We prepared them for our dinner then I have enough left to bring to my father. He eats so much better these past 6 years because we consistently bring him the dream dinner leftovers. My family is very appreciative of such a high quality establishment. The cleanliness and attention to detail is awesome. I’m a dietitian so I’m familiar with health code requirements. Dream dinners has always exceeded my expectations. Thank you Dream Dinners!

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