Introducing Our March Throwback Menu

You asked, and we answered with March’s throwback menu! In honor of our anniversary month, we’re bringing back five of our most requested meals from past menus. These old favorites are only available for a limited time, so make sure to add them to your March order.

Never tried these dinners before? You can trust that these new-to-you meals won’t fail to impress. These are all fan favorite recipes that have withstood the test of time, and you won’t want to miss them.

0298_white_chicken_lasagna_socialWhite Chicken Lasagna
This creamy lasagna is layered with tender diced chicken breast, wild mushroom pesto, and spinach. Then topped with Parmesan and the unexpected elegance of toasted pecans. One pan goes from freezer to table in about an hour. Easy for entertaining!

0506_pesto_primavera_french_bread_socialPesto Chicken Stuffed French Bread
This old favorite has been updated with more sauce and cheese… so delicious! Our signature stuffed French bread bursts with a basil pesto cream cheese spread. Stuffed with chicken and artichoke hearts for an easy dinner. Comes out golden brown and bubbling with flavor.

0409_Mango_Chutney_Chicken_Jasmine_Rice_socialMango Chutney Chicken
Super easy! Sweet mango chutney makes a golden sauce that simmers stovetop. This delicious, 25-minute dinner features our all-natural, boneless chicken breasts. Serve over Jasmine rice for a perfect end to your day.

0154_carribean_pork_roast_socialCaribbean Pork Roast with Honey Mustard Sauce
The sun drenched flavors of the Caribbean are the inspiration for this pork roast. Slow roasted with our spiced glaze for a perfect Sunday dinner around your table.

0500_italian_pomodoro_burger_dldersItalian Pomodoro Burger Sliders with Parmesan Garlic Steak Fries
No boring sliders here! Juicy, savory burgers are made with premium ground beef, topped with a tomato and basil pomodoro sauce, fresh Mozzarella and served on a brioche bun for a robust, satisfying dinner. The best part, done in 15 minutes!