May and June 2020 Wine (and Beer!) Pairings

The weather is getting warmer, and summer is all about grilling and eating outside.

Enjoy the fresh air, the company of close friends, and a delicious meal and drink pairing from our May and June menu. We usually offer wine pairings with our meals, but we decided to do something a little different for Father’s Day.  Our June pairings are all grill-friendly meals with different types of beers for Dad to enjoy.


May Menu Pairings

tortellini_al_fornoTortellini Al Forno

Chardonnay – Lean into the creamy, buttery profile of this dish with a nice chilled glass of Chardonnay. The oak notes in this wine will play wonderfully with the sharp cheeses and creamy, rich sauce.


al_pastor_street_tacosAl Pastor Street Tacos

Shiraz – This wine is a perfect complement to our flavorful street tacos. A dry Shiraz will match the savory spice of the Al Pastor sauce.


sonoma_grill_steaksSonoma Grill Steaks

Malbec – We think that Malbec is an ideal summer wine, dry, light, and refreshing. Pair with our zesty Sonoma Grill Steaks and this powerhouse combo will make for a perfect summer dinner.


ham_and_swiss_crepeHam and Swiss Crepes

Syrah Rosé – What says brunch, lunch, or light dinner better than crepes and Rosé! A Syrah Rosé is dry and flavorful, the perfect wine to accompany these Ham and Swiss Crepes at any time of day.



June Menu Pairings

grilled_summer_pizzasGrilled Summer Pizzas

Amber ales – The medium malt character of an Amber ale calls for the slightly charred flavor of our new Grilled Summer Pizzas. No matter the chosen pizza flavor, an Amber ale will be able to stand up to these grilled flavor bombs.


texas_roadhouse_burgersTexas Roadhouse Burgers

IPAs – Our Texas Roadhouse Burgers are an absolute punch of flavor with BBQ sauce, bacon crumbles, and French fried onions. This burger needs an equally flavorful and powerful beer like an IPA to wash it down.


american_sports_grille_steaksAmerican Sports Steaks with Seasoned Onion Rings

APAs – What’s more American than grilled steak, onion rings, and a chilled American Pale Ale? A slightly lighter and more citrusy cousin of IPAs, APAs provide the perfect balance of hops and malt to enhance the savory steak profile.


chipotle_shrimp_with_mango_salsaChipotle Shrimp with Mango Salsa and Jasmine Rice

Mexican lager – Our Chipotle Shrimp with Mango Salsa screams summer vacations, and what summer vacation is complete without smooth, light, Mexican lager? A Mexican lager is the perfect backdrop for these lightly spiced shrimp with sweet mango salsa.




chocolate_chip_fillookiesChocolate Chip Fillookies

English Porter – Cookies and beer? Talk about a great pairing! A dark yet slightly sweet English Porter will be a refreshing complement to our rich and chocolaty Fillookie. If you think milk and cookies are a perfect pair, we challenge you to try these cookies with an ice-cold English Porter.


peach_crispPeach Crisp

Riesling – With notes of peach and other stone fruits, Riesling wine is an excellent match for our sweet and buttery peach crisp. Enjoy together for a perfectly sweet ending to a summer day.