My Simple Resolution … What if it Works?!

I try always to do everything in moderation so my resolutions are usually around improving something, like cleaning out a closet, organizing my pantry, and telling people how much I appreciate them. Hopefully I am making a new habit not just a resolution.

Last year…

During last summer’s vacation, Vern and I decided to chew each bite of food 30 times.  It’s not a magical number, since chewing depends on what you eat, but, that was our resolution. It’s a healthy choice for aiding digestion, increasing satiety, and maintaining weight. We figured if we spent 2 weeks focusing on chewing we could create a habit.

We kept it positive and agreed to remind each other in advance. When something was delicious and we were tempted to wolf it down we’d say with a wink, “30 chews.”  We’re still more aware of it, so it’s helped! Here’s a great link about all the benefits of chewing:

This year …

I hope to keep my car cleaner and eliminate the junk from piling up in the back.  Here’s my plan:

  • Get a trash bag and use it
  • Empty out the car when I get home

Simple, I know, but, what if it works?!

I’ll feel really good about getting into my car,



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“You’re doing a great job!”