National Book Month

grandpa_granson_readingAs the months get colder and the evenings get darker, encourage your kids to pick up a good book instead of reaching for the TV remote. Since October is National Book Month, this is a great time to focus on reading as a family. Check with your child’s school or your local library for any reading-related events and try out a few of our tips to get your kids excited about books.

  • Pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read. Seeing you read will reinforce the idea that reading is valuable for your child.
  • Asking your child about the book he or she is reading can be a great way to start up dinnertime conversation.
  • Help your kids write letters to their favorite authors. They may even get a response!
  • Have younger kids draw a scene from their favorite story or get crafty with older kids by creating bookmarks to use while they read.
  • Spend time reading as a family. Even if your kids are old enough to read to themselves, reading a bedtime story together can still be a valuable experience that creates lasting memories.
  • Read this article from Parents Magazine on “How to raise a reader.”

Need some new ideas for great children’s books? Check out these sites for book recommendations for your kids: The National Book Award Winners in Young People’s Literature, Parents Magazine’s Best Children’s Books, and the American Library Association’s Kids’ Reading List.