National Frozen Food Day!

Arroz Con PolloWho knew? While National Frozen Food Day is probably not a holiday marked on your calendar, there is plenty to celebrate when you’re a Dream Dinners customer. Because, in the course of your session, you have harnessed the power of freezing freshness without the preservatives, high sodium and fat in those old fashioned TV dinners.

Today, as the nation’s leader in the meal assembly business, we pride ourselves on being the best in the fix and freeze dinner business. We’re proud of the same kinds of dinners that make most mom’s proud because our company was founded by two busy moms. That pride is based on knowing that you made something with your own hands and put it on the table for your loved ones to eat.

Sure, you could grab a ready-to-heat from dinner from the grocery store that’s been sitting out for a few days in the deli. Or you could grab fast food or Chinese on the go. But parents, and in particular a mom’s natural nurturing instinct is seemingly unable to tolerate that everyday. You want homemade. You feel good about homemade. And you want it fresh. Yet time is not on your side.

So March 6th, reminds us that good, fresh things can come from the freezer with the nutrients locked inside. In fact, many Dream Dinners entrees can go straight from the freezer to the oven, which means you don’t even have to thaw them the night before. Make sure to check your Dream Dinners cooking instructions on your January and February meals and make a note of those that go freezer-to-oven. A few February freezer-to-oven entrees include the Layered Ravioli Bake and the Cheese Lover’s Manicotti.

And remember, because you put it together yourself, your Dream Dinners always include the one secret ingredient that no one else can duplicate – your TLC.

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