Organizing your Pantry

When the extra Christmas decorations begin to feel like clutter and the daylight hours are short, it is the perfect time to organize. Cupboards are like junk drawers – they need regular attention or things become lost and unused.

When you feel that organization motivation coming, seize the day and tackle your pantry!

Try this step-by-step guide for creating a little peace when you open your cupboards.

  1. Take a look at your space and get some ideas for how you want to organize everything and make a list of needed supplies. (Clear storage containers, labels, shelf risers, lazy susans, pull-out trays, wire racks for under shelves, book/magazine containers, and larger bins). Get everything you need before you dive into it.
  2. Pull everything out, clean, and toss dated items.
  3. Group like items or like purposes. This is about how you will use them so do what’s intuitive for you. These groups can be: fruits, vegetables, cereals, snacks, condiments, mixes, baking, entertaining, appliances, recipes and cookbooks, or, sort by meal if you prefer.
  4. Put infrequently used items on the top and in the back.  Place heavy objects and appliances down low. Organize each group in a different section of your cupboard.
  5. For an extra tidy look and to keep things sealed and fresh, use clear containers instead of the original packaging. For loose bags, place in low clear containers that can be pulled out.
  6. Label shelves and containers. Don’t forget this part. This helps your family help you by following your system.

Ahh, now you’ve done it.  That wasn’t so bad was it?