Portion Distortion in America

Anyone ordering fast food or eating at restaurants has probably noticed that food portions have gotten larger. Some portions are available to “super size”, while others have simply grown in size and provide enough food for at least two people. These growing portion sizes are changing what Americans think of as a “normal” portion at home, too. The National Institute of Health is calling it: portion distortion. Here are there definitions:

A “portion” can be thought of as the amount of a specific food you choose to eat for dinner, snack, or other eating occasion. Portions, of course can be bigger or smaller than the recommended food servings.

A “serving” is a unit of measure used to describe the amount of food recommended from each food group. It is the amount of food listed on the Nutrition Facts panel on packaged food or the amount of food recommended in the Food Guide Pyramid and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

We know it is challenging to make a lifestyle change that will improve your health. Studies show that by simply making a habit of eating at home, persons with diabetes have a better chance of effectively controlling or improving their health.

Many of our customers find that serving Dream Dinners or Dinners for Life meals to their families at least 3 times a week has helped them learn better portion control and has helped with reducing stress around analyzing calories, carbohydrates, sodium, fats, and cholesterol. Even better, our healthy meals are perfect for the whole family.