Real Men Cook Contest Winner

And the winner is….. Grill Daddy!

Congratulations Michelle and Zac! Our Facebook fans loved your entry. We hope that you find some additional great grilling items on our menu with your winnings, so Zac can rock the grill with something more than hot dogs. Sorry we can’t help with the juice situation.

Thanks to all who entered and to all who voted! Have a fun and delicious summer out on the grill.

Here was Michelle’s entry for those who missed it:

“This is my husband, Zac, manning the grill at one of our boys’ birthday parties (we’ve got 4 little ones). He is a die-hard charcoal man because of the great flavor it gives the food. Sadly, he rarely gets to cook “real” grill food because our kids love, love, love dogs (or those frozen little pucks of hamburger!)!! Doesn’t he look so manly sipping on a Capri-Sun!!?.”


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