Reducing Salt Intake Could Help Save Health Care Dollars

Health care news is heavy lately with articles about the health risks that come from eating a diet high in salt, and the impact that has on health care costs in the United States. Medical News Today cites a RAND Corporation study showing the positive impact that reducing sodium intake could have on our economy, as well as improving the quality of millions of Americans’ lives.

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Decreasing Salt Intake Could Save $18 Billion Annually in Health Costs, Study Finds

Reducing Americans’ average intake of sodium to the amount recommended by health officials could save the nation as much as $18 billion annually in avoided health care costs and improve the quality of life for millions of people, according to a new RAND Corporation study.

The study estimates that meeting national sodium guidelines could eliminate 11 million cases of high blood pressure nationally and extend the lives of thousands of people each year. The monetary value of the improved quality of life would be an estimated $32 billion annually, according to the findings published in the September/October edition of the Journal of Health Promotion.

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