September and October 2020 Drink Pairings

Are you looking for the perfect drink to pair with your fall Dream Dinners meals?

Take a look at my favorite recipes from the September and October menus, which I’ve matched with wines, beers, and other drinks for easy entertaining. I hope you enjoy these meals and great conversation with family and friends as we head into the holiday season!

-Chef Laura

September Menu Pairings

sage_and_mozzarella_chickenSage and Mozzarella Chicken over Creamy Polenta
Chardonnay – A crisp glass of Chardonnay is a match made in heaven for this dish. Between the creamy polenta and rich bite of mozzarella, the buttery flavor of this wine only adds to the luxurious taste.


Rosemary_Smokehouse_Turkey_BurgerRosemary Smokehouse Turkey Burgers
Red Ale – This delicious burger needs a sharp beer to balance the intense smoky flavor in the turkey patty. A red ale is a perfect answer, playing off the herbaceous rosemary notes while balancing out the smokiness.


surf_and_turf_yakisoba_noodle_bowlSurf and Turf Yakisoba Noodle Bowl
Sauvignon Blanc – This noodle bowl has everything and so it’s only fitting to have a wine to match! Sauvignon Blanc provides a refreshing note of citrus to neutralize any spice in the sauce, without overwhelming the tender shrimp and sirloin steak.


grilled_mojo_steak_with_pineapple_salsaGrilled Mojo Steak with Pineapple Salsa
Mojito – This meal screams warm weather and good times, so what better pairing than a minty fresh mojito. All the seasonings and herbs in this flavorful dish perfectly match a refreshing Mojito.


October Menu Pairings

hearty_braised_beef_with_autumn_vegetablesHearty Braised Beef with Autumn Vegetables
Cabernet Sauvignon – A big flavorful dish needs a big flavorful wine; enter Cabernet Sauvignon. The deep rich flavor of cherry and dark berries will sing with the depth of flavors in this hearty beef and vegetable braise.


thanksgiving_burger_with_rosemary_shoestring_friesThanksgiving Burger with Rosemary Shoestring Fries
Prosecco – Pop the bubbly, it’s a holiday…well kind of. Bring the party to this meal with Prosecco, which provides a crisp lightness that will complement all the rich holiday flavors.  


cranberry_buttermilk_chickenCranberry Buttermilk Chicken
Pinot Gris – This wine is the perfect answer to the velvety richness of the buttermilk cranberry sauce in this meal. The smooth, bright flavor of Pinot Gris beautifully complements the tartness from the cranberries, making this a great choice for fall entertaining.

roasted_root_vegetable_turkey_hand_piesTurkey and Harvest Vegetable Hand Pies
Gamay – Although Gamay is not necessarily a household wine varietal, it is not to be missed! Gamay is similar in body and flavor to a Pinot Noir and is a wonderful balance to the gamey and rich flavors of our Turkey and Harvest Vegetable Hand Pies.


Fall Dessert Pairings

apple_crispApple Crisp
Gewürztraminer – The name of this wine might be a mouthful, but it sure pairs nicely with a mouthful of apple crisp! The sweet and tart combination from the apples are enhanced by the fruity crispness from a Gewürztraminer wine.


french_cheesecake_apricot_pumpkin_sauceFrench Cream Cheesecake with Apricot Pumpkin Sauce
Hot Toddy – If you are going to go all-out with cheesecake, you may as well have an all-out drink to match! The hot, spicy taste of a Hot Toddy perfectly cuts through the cream and richness of this exceptional cheesecake. Enjoy!