Spring Cleaning: the Remix!

Spring is always a welcome change after winter, and this year we’re especially grateful to welcome the new season. To dive in and really take advantage of the transition, we’ve got some spring cleaning ideas for you that are a little outside the usual box. Let’s jump-start the season and infuse some creativity into the process!

First, let’s talk about the approach. One way to make spring cleaning less stressful is to simply plan for it. Schedule a weekend or a few separate days when you have the time and bandwidth to tackle your tasks. Then, as an added incentive for yourself and the kiddos (they’ve gotta lend a hand, too!), plan something fun for the evenings once you’re done with the day’s to-do’s. Maybe plan to have one of your kids’ favorite meals – or desserts! – afterward, eat dinner while watching TV as a special treat, or have a family movie or game night to end the day. Those fun activities will be something to look forward to at the end of a productive cleaning day. 

Another approach is to make spring cleaning more of a spring/summer preparation, a time to plan ahead for the next six months of warmer weather. If your family is short on time in the spring and summer months, or if you know the rising temperatures will mean that you’ll have less interest in cooking in a hot kitchen, you could do food prep to help save you time later. For example, some homemade canning goes a long way – be it fruits, vegetables, or sauces, they’re yummy options and perfect to grab later when you’re in a hurry. Or you could make bulk frozen meals, like these breakfast burritos that family members can just pop in the microwave later. 

If you’re going the slightly more traditional route, here’s an early/pre-spring cleaning guide to help you think of what might need a little extra TLC in your home this time of the year. We especially love her suggestion to spend a week or two eating through your pantry or freezer! That’s another creative and fun thing to add to your spring cleaning routine. Doing a deeper clean, and organization overhaul of your freezer is a great task to add to the list. Especially since that will clear up space for more Dream Dinners meals, which will, in turn, save you more time! Here’s a great freezer clean-out resource to get you started. 

Lastly, if you end up saying “Nah…” to spring cleaning altogether or hire help to do it for you, we still encourage you to think about some other forms of spring cleaning –  the life decluttering kind. Check out this past blog post of ours for ideas. It’s all about reconnecting to the simpler things, taking care of yourself and your own mental/emotional health. A change in season is the perfect opportunity to hit that reset button! However you choose to spring clean this year, we wish you the best. May it be more fun-filled than stress-filled!