Start a Family Game Night

family-scrabble-boardFamily game night is a great way to connect. Playing games as a family teaches kids teamwork, honesty and patience. Here are a couple of ways you can spend the evening together.

Unplugged Game Night
First, turn off the TV, cell phones, tablets and devices. If it is dinner time, try playing games with conversation starters. Get the kids using their imaginations, think through their answers and learn something about each other. This April, we are giving away a set of 6 conversation starter napkins with our Family Pizza Night dinner.

After dinner, pull out a board game. Scrabble, Monopoly and Clue are a few classics that have encouraged many generations to use brain power in the name of fun and all 3 come in a variety of themes to choose from.

Plugin Together
If your kids frown at the idea of a classic board game, maybe a console video game or tablet app would inspire more enthusiasm. There are no rules to what a family game night should be. Many consoles offer great family games that are competitive, fun and provide exercise. Try Wipeout or Hasbro Family Game Night 4, these are made specifically for groups to play together of all ages. Have teens in the house? The wit of You Don’t Know Jack will have you laughing all night.

Use your iPad or tablet as “board” for your next game. A variety of apps like UNO, can be downloaded for only a few dollars and can bring hours of fun.

Get Out and Play
Feel like you’re always at home or “plugged in”? Maybe game night for you is getting out of the house. Plan an evening of bowling, laser tag or kart racing. If you have young ones, a game of hide and seek or tag can be great on warm nights.

No matter what you choose, the important thing to remember is that you are doing it together. Your family will love it and make some great memories in the process!