Stephanie Allen Shares Her Favorite Sites

Stephanie Allen

Dream Dinners Co-founder, Stephanie Allen,  loves networking online and finding great websites and blogs full of information to share with others.  Here are a few of her current favorites: Love this sight because it is such an interactive help for busy moms.  You need an answer, ask it here! I think everyone should do yoga for mental and physical health, after a year of 2 – 3 times a week even my feet are stronger not to mention the 10 lbs I lost! Dr. Mark is a genius for normal people, you can understand everything he says because he talks with you not to you. This is a wonderfully inspirational web site that adds meaning to my life. Amazing farm in upstate NY.  Incredible homemade and grown products. Girlfriends unite!  The founder of this is a loyal Dream Dinners customer! Rotary is changing the world!  Join! Hazel Grace is changing the way people and business use Facebook, if you get a chance to see her speak and you like Facebook – GO!