Summer Brings Light and Easy Dream Dinners

grilled_chile_lime_scallopsFlowers are in bloom. Your guy can’t wait to grill and you want to keep things light. This is the season to ease into summer cooking-the kind that leaves you time to catch your breath.

We love the California Chicken with Fettuccine. Not only can you taste the fresh beach house-you can serve a balanced dinner in less than 25 minutes that tastes like you spent an hour. The combination of walnuts and light savory cream sauce, mushrooms and onions is amazing with a broad family appeal.

Next on our list is the oh-so-easy one pan Chicken Enchiladas. You assemble this complex list of ingredients in store in just minutes. Put in the pan. And you can pop it in the oven with no work at all for and have dinner on the table in an hour while you do something else.

Thirdly, we urge you to go a little citrus. We have something sweet and new in the Grilled Chili Lime Scallops. Zesty lime cilantro and a little heat to taste makes these scallops something to be really proud of serving at picnics or family gatherings.

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