Super Bowl Appetizers

This year (2014), the Super Bowl will be on February 2nd so make sure to plan ahead with meals off the January menu that can easily be turned into game day appetizers. You’ll be able to spend less time focusing on food prep and more time enjoying the game! Try these great options.

Outlaw Chicken Sliders – A platter of these crispy, cheesy sliders are sure to be a fan favorite and take only 20 minutes to prepare.

Canadian Bacon Stuffed French Bread – This best-selling dinner is the perfect halftime food. Unwrap the foil before baking and cut into 1-inch slices, rewrap the foil tightly, and bake as directed. It also travels well in the foil so you can take it with if you’re heading somewhere else to watch the game.

Buffalo Ranch Chicken – Enjoy all the flavor of a football halftime favorite without the mess. Slice chicken and skewer each piece with a toothpick or serve on buns as chicken burgers.

Want to make your Super Bowl party extra special? Create a football field table cover with a green table cloth and white duct tape for yard lines. Decorate with pom poms in your favorite team’s colors and make a centerpiece by filling a vase with mini footballs.

What are you serving for the Super Bowl?