Let’s Rebrand! Back to School = Back to Learning

We can’t pretend that this year’s back to school experience is going to be business as usual. For families across the country and even the world, this will be a school year unlike any other, even for communities where in-person classes are resuming. But, as with most challenges in life, with a little shift in…

Ready to Tackle Back-to-School? Let’s Go!

As summer winds down and we head into the new school year, this back-to-school season may look and feel quite different for many families. You and your children may feel both nervous and excited to “get back to normal.” With some planning, patience, and a positive attitude, your family can navigate this new year safely…

Back to School Dinner Solutions

For many of us September signifies the start to a new school year and combined with extracurricular activities your quality family time dwindles. Don’t let additional responsibilities discourage you from getting a great meal on the table – instead continue to enjoy homemade family dinners with the help of Dream Dinners.

Back-to-School Breakfasts

During the first week of school, mornings can get a little hectic as kids (and parents) figure out the new routine. With the perfect outfit to pick out, lunches to be packed, and paperwork to be signed, it can be hard to make sure kids head off to school with a filling breakfast that will…

Dream Dinners Goes to College!

Whether you’re moving your college student into their first apartment or sending them back for their final year, a freezer full of Dream Dinners might be the best back-to-school gift you could give them. Studies done by Oregon State University show that most college students aren’t eating even a single serving of fruits and vegetables…

Get your Family Prepared for Back to School!

Heading back to school involves more than just buying new pencils and shoes. This August, get your whole family prepared for the demands of the new school year. –  Reading throughout the summer keeps children’s minds sharp even when they’re not in school. Make a weekly trip to the library to get your kids excited…

Back to School Dinner Solutions

Back to School usually means busy nights start up again. Don’t let those additional responsibilities discourage you from getting a great meal on the table. These dinners not only cook in under 30 minutes but travel well. Take them on a picnic or as dinner in the car to the next sporting event.

Fast, Easy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast with the kids is mostly a cold-cereal affair at my house, especially during the weekdays. I wish it weren’t so! But I have a plan. Get something fast, easy and healthy — that’s not cold cereal — on the breakfast table more often. Here are my ideas.

How to Pack Healthy Kid Lunches

Loading up lunchboxes for school can be a breeze, or it can wreak havoc on your morning routine. Need a few tips on smoothing the process?

Back to School – Making the transition

School has already begun for many families, with some starting as early as mid-August. Others are just getting back, but no matter when you start, there’s always a bit of an adjustment to the new schedule.