Back-to-School Breakfasts

During the first week of school, mornings can get a little hectic as kids (and parents) figure out the new routine. With the perfect outfit to pick out, lunches to be packed, and paperwork to be signed, it can be hard to make sure kids head off to school with a filling breakfast that will…

Breakfast Eggs with Potato Crust

Enjoy a home made breakfast even on your busiest mornings. Just assemble the night before as instructed under the “To eat tomorrow…” directions. Then assemble and bake as directed while everyone gets ready for the day.

Fast, Easy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast with the kids is mostly a cold-cereal affair at my house, especially during the weekdays. I wish it weren’t so! But I have a plan. Get something fast, easy and healthy — that’s not cold cereal — on the breakfast table more often. Here are my ideas.