Summer Chore List for Kids (with Free Printable!)

School is out for the summer! We know how hard it can be to keep routines in check once the kids have finished their school year. A great way to help the kids stay active and organized is with a summer chore list. We want the transition from school to summer to be as easy…

Have we Gone too far Rewarding with Food?

Let’s face it, sweets and treats motivate kids! From the time they begin potty training we start reinforcing their behavior with whatever works best. Rewards come in smiles, high fives, a cheerful “good job,” and quite often, a piece of candy or a trip to their favorite restaurant. Much of our cultural celebrations involve food…

Elementary School Chef?

As parents, one of our most crucial responsibilities is to create independent adults. Too often however, we leave some of the most fundamental teachings until the very last minute.

Be Your Toddler’s Best Teacher

The process of language development is astonishing. Frequently, in less than 3 years, children go from absolutely no language skills, to a vocabulary of more than 300 words. Why do some children sail through this process so much easier than others?

Do Your Children Know They’re Special?

Taking time to make your children feel important and loved can be, well, tough. Working and raising a family along with the million and one things on the to-do list can be so stressful, we sometimes forget what’s really vital in life.

Practice makes Perfect!

The best way to help our kids get ready for the “real” world of business and social luncheons is to practice in the safety of their own homes. Try to make one or two meals a month more formal at home.

Teaching Kids to Cook

As moms, our lives pretty much revolve around the kitchen. If we’re not cooking one meal, we’re cooking another – or cleaning up after it, anyway. Meanwhile, our kids are begging for attention. That, of course, mostly causes frustration – theirs and ours.