Why Do We Love Family Meals? Let Us Count the Ways

This month we’re celebrating family meals with our 30 Days of Dinner Challenge, where we encourage you to commit to 30 consecutive days of having dinner as a family. We 100% get that this is no small feat! With Fall sports in full force and the start of the school year still not far behind…

Have we Gone too far Rewarding with Food?

Let’s face it, sweets and treats motivate kids! From the time they begin potty training we start reinforcing their behavior with whatever works best. Rewards come in smiles, high fives, a cheerful “good job,” and quite often, a piece of candy or a trip to their favorite restaurant. Much of our cultural celebrations involve food…

Women & Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for American women. Unfortunately, women’s heart attacks don’t always show the classic signs, such as chest pain. Watch for these signs…

5 Bad Habits for Moms to Break

Bad habits: we all have them. But when those habits involve our health – as so many do – it’s even more important to get them under control. Our well-being is what allows us to care for our families as well as model to our kids how to embrace a positive lifestyle.

Stop bacteria from crashing your holiday party

During the holiday season we often participate in pot-lucks or other gatherings where we prepare food at home and then transport and serve it at a party or event. It is important to keep food safety in mind in these situations to avoid ruining the holidays of our friends and loved ones with a case of food poisoning.