Sideline Suppers: Easy High Protein Meals Perfect for Spring Sports

It’s officially spring… and that means spring sports are in full swing! If you’ve got athletes at home, you know just how busy springtime can get. Between soccer, baseball, softball, and more, it can be hard to get dinner on the table every night. Furthermore, it can be tough to get a high-protein meal on…

5 Diabetes Superfoods

Here is a list of 5 foods you should incorporate into your diet with a low glycemic index and will help provide the key nutrients…

Sneaking Nutrition into Kids’ Meals: Good or Bad Habit?

The other day I watched a TV commercial starring a mom promoting a nutritional supplement drink because her daughter wouldn’t “touch anything green”.

Those sorts of comments always stop me in my tracks. Is it optional for our kids to eat the healthy foods their bodies need?

What does Dr. Brent say about broccoli?

When I was a child, I would only eat the florets of the broccoli even though my mom tried to convince me that the stems had more nutrients. Was she right?

What does Dr. Brent say about spinach?

Why grow it yourself when it’s so easily available in every grocery store? Spinach is one of the foods on which the most pesticide residues are found.