12 Life-Changing Pantry Organization Hacks

Let’s face it; it’s easy to become disorganized, especially around this time of year. Seasons are changing, you are adapting to new routines, and everything can start to feel like a mess. Finding time to get organized can be difficult between work, preparing the kids for school, and everything else this season of life may…

Organizing your Pantry

When the extra Christmas decorations begin to feel like clutter and the daylight hours are short, it is the perfect time to organize. Cupboards are like junk drawers – they need regular attention or things become lost and unused. When you feel that organization motivation coming, seize the day and tackle your pantry! Try this…

How to Pack Healthy Kid Lunches

Loading up lunchboxes for school can be a breeze, or it can wreak havoc on your morning routine. Need a few tips on smoothing the process?

Dream Dinners Stores Featured in Their Local News

Our North Richland Hills, Texas store, owned by Cindy Dunklin and Staci Harris were featured on the Dallas/Fort Worth local news channel, CBS 11. The story includes customer interviews and video taken in the store. Cindy and Staci say the experience was a lot of fun and they were glad to participate. Click on the link below to see the full…

Back to School – Making the transition

School has already begun for many families, with some starting as early as mid-August. Others are just getting back, but no matter when you start, there’s always a bit of an adjustment to the new schedule.