Dream Dinners in Orem, UT Scores with Sassy Scoops

The lovely ladies of Sassy Scoops, a website that blogs about Utah’s “tempting treats and fabulous finds,” recently checked out Orem Dream Dinners. We’re happy (but not surprised!) to report that their experience was fabulous.

5 Bad Habits for Moms to Break

Bad habits: we all have them. But when those habits involve our health – as so many do – it’s even more important to get them under control. Our well-being is what allows us to care for our families as well as model to our kids how to embrace a positive lifestyle.

10 Smart Snacks for Moms and Kids

It’s a proven fact: snacking is actually good for you. Done wisely, of course!

The reasons are manifold. For one, snacking puts the kibosh the extreme hunger that can catapult your family into binging on bad stuff like potato chips or cookies. It also prevents blood sugar levels from getting too low and pitching people, big and small alike, into cranky moods. Research also shows that metabolism chugs along more efficiently when we eat small snacks throughout the day.

Working Moms and Nutrition

Recently, a study by researchers at Cornell University looked at the eating habits of working parents. Do You Eat Like a Working Mom?

Be Your Toddler’s Best Teacher

The process of language development is astonishing. Frequently, in less than 3 years, children go from absolutely no language skills, to a vocabulary of more than 300 words. Why do some children sail through this process so much easier than others?

Great ways to decorate for fall holidays!

This season, families and loved ones naturally gather around the table. Why not create a beautiful autumn ambiance to enhance their experience? Your few moments of effort will invite loved ones to linger a little longer, affirming the warmth and connection you share.

Do Your Children Know They’re Special?

Taking time to make your children feel important and loved can be, well, tough. Working and raising a family along with the million and one things on the to-do list can be so stressful, we sometimes forget what’s really vital in life.