Getting Ready for Thanksgiving Dinner

Preparing a turkey, side dishes, and desserts with just one oven can be a challenge, so we’ve put together a helpful cooking timeline for your Thanksgiving dinner. Work ahead by completing the following tasks a day or two before the big meal: Set the table, including plates, glasses, silverware, decorations, and name cards. Arrange any…

10 Tips for Relaxing and Enjoying your Guests

When I host gatherings, my friends and family often say, “You’re so relaxed; how do you do it?” I didn’t know I was relaxed, but, I guess I am! Through years of practice, both at home and in the catering business, I’ve found a rhythm that works best for me. My style is informal entertaining….

Outdoor Cooking Tips

No matter the season, more and more of us are cooking outdoors. During the warm summer months outdoor cooking and dining are even more popular. Here are some steps you can take to stay healthy and reduce your risk of
illness during the summer months.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

September is National Chicken Month and luckily our menu hosts a variety of chicken dishes for you to serve up. For chicken dishes the whole family will enjoy, order these family favorites: Crispy French Onion Chicken makes the perfect kid-friendly finger food if you slice the chicken into strips before coating and baking. Try our…

Get your Family Prepared for Back to School!

Heading back to school involves more than just buying new pencils and shoes. This August, get your whole family prepared for the demands of the new school year. –  Reading throughout the summer keeps children’s minds sharp even when they’re not in school. Make a weekly trip to the library to get your kids excited…

Get all the seasonings out of the bag!

You know how you pour out the seasonings from the quart size bags and sometimes, a bit of it sticks to the sides?  Co-founder Stephanie Allen is brilliant at providing the simplest little tip that gives you the biggest bang of flavor.

Saucy Tips for Dream Dinners Cooking

Sometimes it is hard to get all of the sauce out of your sealed bag. Especially if the sauce is less fluid. Here is a great way to get all of the sauce out.

One Pan Wonders in Your Baking Dish

Ever wanted to serve your Dream Dinners pan meal in something prettier than the foil pan you made it in? It can be easy to do if you follow these steps. Spray your rectangular baking pan Peel the foil pan away from the frozen dinner. Insert the dinner right into your baking dish. Bake as…

Quick stress Rx

Write the word “breathe” on a sticky note. Put the note where you will see it often; on your computer, dashboard, workstation, cash register, or cell phone. Or program it into a pop-up e-mail or PDA reminder. When you see the note, do this…