Providing Fresh Produce with Innovative Partnerships

Dream Dinners produce is supplied by Sysco, the largest foodservice distributor in North America. Sysco endeavors to use region-specific local growers for their produce whenever possible. What does that mean for you as a Dream Dinners guest?

What does Dr. Brent say about radishes?

Despite my early introduction, my perception of radishes was like that of most people, the thin tasteless slices that you find on a salad bar. That was until my summer in Provence.

What does Dr. Brent say about broccoli?

When I was a child, I would only eat the florets of the broccoli even though my mom tried to convince me that the stems had more nutrients. Was she right?

What does Dr. Brent say about spinach?

Why grow it yourself when it’s so easily available in every grocery store? Spinach is one of the foods on which the most pesticide residues are found.