Tailgating with Dream Dinners

On-the-go-moms need on-the-go meals.  Watch this video!

You may know how it feels… the school-sport-music-church midweek shuffle between activities that leaves a home-cooked meal by the wayside. Many folks may pick it up at a drive-thru, roadside. But remember that Dream Dinners was started when two soccer moms faced that same problem. They were time starved and struggling to get a healthy home-made dinner on the table on those busy nights.

So Stephanie Allen, President and leader of food development, (a busy mom and career woman), began making and taking homemade dinners on the road and literally serving them on the tailgate.  The meals really help avoid the health risks associated with high fat, high salt fast-food. Watch this video on how to maximize your Dream Dinners in minutes.  Because tailgating is not just for game time, you can do it anytime it serves your family well.

To place your Dream Dinners order, visit dreamdinners.com and find a location near you.