Take a tray and make a way to say…

We love centerpieces you can pull together with simple things found around your house or inexpensively. We found a gorgeous way to make an arrangement with any tray in your cupboard. Just grab a couple of votive candles, a vase and a few roses from the grocery store or your garden. Great for Valentine’s Day, a bridal shower, in your bathroom, living room and more.

We found this project at on a blog by Southern Fried Gal. To view complete project details click here to view her article >

What does the color of a rose symbolize?


  • Red roses are the traditional symbol for love and romance
  • Orange roses scream desire and enthusiasm
  • Lavendar roses symbolize enchantment and feelings of love at first sight
  • White roses represent innocence, purity and also honor and rememberance
  • Pink roses convey admiration, appreciation and joyfulness
  • Yellow roses symbolize joy and friendship

What color rose will symbolize your next centerpiece?