Teaching Kids to Cook

As moms, our lives pretty much revolve around the kitchen. If we’re not cooking one meal, we’re cooking another – or cleaning up after it, anyway. Meanwhile, our kids are begging for attention. That, of course, mostly causes frustration – theirs and ours.

So how about engaging the kids in the cooking process? Writer Katina Mooneyham offers handy tips for doing just that in this Life123.com article. We appreciate her emphasis on making the cooking experience both fun and educational, a fine recipe for family success. Enjoy!

View the article here.

Tip for Cooking with Children
It’s never too late to start cooking with your children. I hear and read that some parents don’t start cooking with their kids because they think they are too old or too young. It’s just not true. Kids of all ages can learn to cook. Start the cooking adventure today with your kids.