Thanksgiving decoration ideas

With so much focus on the meal, decorating for Thanksgiving can often get overlooked. Here are some simple Thanksgiving table decoration ideas to help you create a holiday to remember.

  • Preserve fall leaves by ironing them between two pieces of wax paper. Cut the leaves out, leaving a tiny border of wax paper around the edges, and scatter them on your table or use them to create festive garland or streamers.
  • Use a hollowed pumpkin as a vase for an autumn colored bouquet. To preserve the centerpiece, coat the inside of the pumpkin with petroleum jelly and place flowers in a glass container inside the pumpkin.
  • Make the kids’ table fun with these ideas from HGTV. Complete with personalized Indian headdresses as place markers and simple coloring activities, kids won’t feel like they’re missing out on anything, even if they’re relegated to the kitchen table.
  • Bring the outside in by filling a hurricane vase or glass jars with elements from nature, such as pinecones or acorns. Just make sure to soak them in one part water, one part vinegar to get rid of any insects and dry them in an oven set at a low temperature.
  • This DIY candle centerpiece is so simple to put together, but makes such a statement.
  • If your kids are home from school in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, Spoonful has some great crafts to keep them busy and get them excited about the holiday. We especially love these fall napkin rings, the Pilgrim pal, and the paper Indian corn for crafts you can make with your kids and can also serve as super cute Thanksgiving decorations.