Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

Add some pizzazz to your holiday leftovers this year by turning your turkey and sides into second and third day meals no one will complain about eating. You’ll want to order an extra turkey just to try all of these yummy ideas.

  1. Turkey, Apple, Brie Sandwiches: Delicious alternate to the boring sandwich. You could also switch out the Brie for a Sharp Cheddar. Yum.
  2. Turkey and Asparagus Quiche: Great for breakfast or brunch the morning after Thanksgiving.
  3. Oriental Turkey Salad: A delicious twist with a lot of crunch.
  4. Turkey and Red Grape Salad: Try this delicious salad for a lighter meal the day after.
  5. Thanksgiving Leftovers Shepherd’s Pie: This dish is great for piling in all of your leftovers and tastes so good, it might just become a tradition more highly anticipated than Thanksgiving dinner itself.
  6. Pocket Pies filled with leftovers: This kid-friendly recipe uses up all of your holiday dishes and is perfect for sending home with out-of-town visitors.
  7. Cranberry Turnovers: Give leftover cranberry relish new life by using it to make delicious cranberry turnovers for breakfast the morning after Thanksgiving.
  8. Turkey Cobb Sandwich: Made with bacon, avocado, tomato, egg and leftover turkey, these sandwiches would make a great breakfast for the weekend after Thanksgiving.